Goat Cheese & Honey Pizza

Way back when, Fabien and I lived in his hometown in the southern french city of Fréjus, while waiting for our K-1 visa, that allowed us to get married. It was during this time that he introduced me to Chez Franck, a humble pizzeria nearby. We would always order delivery, and I would marvel at the vespa that would pull up to our apartment, piled with boxes of pizza. Both the pizza guy and the post man would show up on vespa’s. I felt so badly for them during the rainy winter.

After paying, we’d race back up the stairs and clear the table quickly to make room for our open pizza boxes so we could eat directly from them. With fork and knife of course. This is France afterall.

Fabien always ordered the “chevre au miel”, the goat cheese and honey. I crinkled my nose to this odd pairing, and ordered my classic cheese. When the pizzas arrived, mine was spectacular. Fabien’s was more so. He insisted I try it. I ended up trying to offer up my cheese slices in exchange for more of his. From then on, and to this day when we go back to France, we always order this pizza.

To get us through, I’ve perfected a homemade version. I make this for dinner once a week. No lie. It’s our go-to. You can fancy it up with crushed walnuts, chopped pancetta, black olives, or anything else that sounds good to you. I think what makes this pizza, aside from the obvious goat cheese and honey, is the Trader Joe’s pizza crust. It’s already made and so soft and delicious. You just have to stretch or roll it into shape and that’s dinner. It’s so easy. And it’s our little taste of home.

Goat Cheese & Honey snippet


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