Malva Pudding Cakes



David Lebovitz has done us all a favor by sharing this recipe. Malva Pudding Cakes were introduced to him by the popular LA eatery, Squirl. They may be new to California but they are classic to Africa. They are a traditional African dessert. A sticky sponge cake, soaked with a creamy buttery sauce. Apricot jam is mixed into the cake, although I didn’t taste any of it–which was just fine with me. They are sweet, extra moist, and are somewhat of a cross between bread pudding and sticky toffee cakes. Buttery, sweet, and spongy. Individually served in free standing paper pastry molds, they are as cute as can be!

Malva Pudding Cakes snippet 1Malva Pudding Cakes snippet 2



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