Vegan Blueberry Cake

This delicious blueberry cake is plush and fluffy, sweet but not overly so, and entirely vegan, using ingredients you likely already have. It’s the kind of cake you can dress up with a drizzle with a lemon icing or dress down by baking in muffin tins for a perfect breakfast on the go. Wholesome, full of healthy blueberries, and easy to make! This cake is one you will find yourself remaking over and over again.

Small Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake

Your favorite Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake baked in a smaller cake pan for a smaller crowd. If you’re unfamiliar with this chocolate cake, just know it’s famous for a reason. Quite honestly, it’s the only chocolate cake recipe you need. It’s a simple chocolate sponge cake and topped with an icing-like sweet chocolate frosting.

Apple Fritter Cake

This cake has all the elements of a delicious apple fritter donut but it’s not fried and it’s easy to make! It’s moist, sweet, cinnamon-y, and the cake gets drizzled with glaze while still warm, giving it the signature apple fritter finish. If you’re craving an apple fritter donut but your donut shop is closed and you don’t have the patience for a donut making project, this apple fritter cake ticks all the boxes!

Pear & Dark Chocolate Cake

Fresh pieces of pear and rich dark chocolate dot this delicious yogurt cake. It’s a moist cake and quite light without eggs or butter. It’s great for breakfast, teatime or after dinner. And it’s super quick and easy to make, requiring only a whisk!

Lime Bars

These easy to make lime bars are packed with fresh lime curd. The pastry crust is buttery and not too thick, allowing the lime filling to really steal the show. These bars are bright, use only natural ingredients, and celebrate the humble lime that seems to always get outshined by lemons. They only have 5 ingredients and take less than an hour to make. Simple and delicious!