About - Abeebakes

You know that feeling you get when you enter a warm home that smells of fresh baked bread or chocolate chips cookies? That’s the feeling I get when baking.

I began baking at a very young age, having grown up in a large household where one cannot keep track of the birthdays or weekend parties. I proudly “helped” my parents frost cakes and knead homemade breads. Producing something edible was very much a source of pride. Having always had a sweet tooth, the evolution from an interest in baking to a passion, was perhaps inevitable. Or perhaps it was my move to France at age 22. A year later, I returned to America with a suitcase full of french chocolates, and a new perspective on food and desserts. I really embraced baking as a passion during this time and I haven’t looked back since.

My mission is to make the world a sweeter place. ABeeBakes fuels my commitment to baking, writing, and sharing common interests with all of you. I hope you find my recipes as sweet as can bee from yours truly, Abby. Check out my First Month in Austin.


A few notes when making my recipes:

  • I always use salted butter.
  • I always use organic ingredients when possible.
  • Almost every one of my recipes has experimented with using as little sugar as possible while still tasting sweet and delicious.
  • I use all-purpose flour, and simply state: “flour”. I will note when using a different type of flour. When measuring flour, I spoon the flour into the measuring cup and scrap the excess.
  • I use pure vanilla extract, and simply state: “vanilla.” I will note when using vanilla bean paste or fresh vanilla beans.
  • Softened butter means room temperature; neither melted nor cold.
  • I always buy aluminum-free baking powder (this effects health but also taste)!