Pear & Goat Cheese Naan Pizza

Ever since living in France, I’ve adopted the French obsession of goat cheese (chevre) and honey. All the goat cheese salads there are drizzled with honey and my husband’s favorite pizza is a goat cheese honey pizza. I’ve recreated it dozens of times and perfected the recipe which can be found here: Goat Cheese & Honey Pizza. It’s a flavor profile that’s caught on quickly in America and many goat cheeses that are sold at the grocery stores now offer varieties laced with honey. The sweet honey compliments the tangy goat cheese really nicely. If you like this combination you’ll also like these Goat Cheese, Honey & Thyme Puffs and the pear & goat cheese naan pizza. I better get to that.

This recipe is so good that I’ve already added all these ingredients to my shopping list because I cannot wait to remake it! Not only is it beautiful and more interesting than your typical pizza, or weeknight dinner for that matter, it’s also quick to make. It’s  mostly just assembly and bakes in less than ten minutes.

Naan is a great alternative here to pizza crust because there is no time wasted in letting the dough rest before prepping. Plus, the *quite trendy at the moment* naan, offers a more unique flavor. It’s obviously not overwhelming, since it’s the canvas to the toppings, but it’s so clearly not pizza that it feels more sophisticated. I’ll be interested to hear what you guys think.

Anyways, so you have your naan, you whip up the goat cheese, honey, and thyme, and you add some roasted onions and pear and you have yourself a quick and delicious dinner. Or lunch. Or appetizer. And they’re quite pretty to look at too. 😉

pear & goat cheese naan pizza snippet


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