Pear Tart with Goat Cheese & Honey


I made this tart for my husband. He loves the combination of goat cheese and honey, most often in these forms: Goat Cheese, Honey & Thyme Puffs and Goat Cheese & Honey Pizza. And his favorite dessert of all time includes pear: Tarte aux Poires (French Pear Tart). So when I saw a recipe that combined pears with goat cheese and honey, I knew he’d love it. And me too!

I’ve made something very similar using naan as a base. Pear & Goat Cheese Naan Pizza. This time however, I’m using my favorite base to any tart: puff pastry. Not only is it buttery, flaky, and tastes sophisticated with whatever you’re putting on it (from Parmesan to a spread of Nutella), it’s also the easiest.

This recipe is purely assembly. It’s straight-forward and bakes quickly. It’s ideal to make as an appetizer, to be served alongside an apéro. Although, the recipe that inspired me mentioned serving this as a dessert. You certainly can since the sweetness shows up in the pear, goat cheese, and honey. However, with the cracked black pepper and the herbs, I personally enjoy it best as an appetizer or side. Or even a light lunch with a green salad.

Pear Tart with Goat Cheese & Honey snippet


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