Salad Pizza


My true love affair with homemade pizza blossomed after my time in France. I lived in Nice, which is very close to the Italian border. Thus, there’s a lot of Italian influence in the South of France. And much of that influence is culinary. So when I ordered a pizza for the first time, my definition of pizza suddenly changed forever. The crust was thin, but still soft and chewy. The cheese was stringy and fresh, the sauces full of flavor, and the choice of toppings were endless.

When Fabien and I moved back to California to get married, we missed the pizza so much. So I started making our own, since none of the restaurants came close to those flavor profiles we grew to love. I started with the Goat Cheese & Honey Pizza and seriously, one bite transports us to France. That opened the gates to many more homemade pizzas from Greek Pizza to White Spinach Pizza and to today’s recipe which really is a pizza and salad hybrid, my favorite. While I love food, I’m still a pretty particular eater and I *have* to have a salad with pizza. It’s just easier to digest (or maybe it’s just easier for my mind to digest), regardless, it’s a priority. So when fresh crisp greens happen to top a pizza, I find it very appealing.

Today’s pizza is bursting with flavor thanks to the tangy goat cheese, sweet sun-dried tomatoes, basil pesto sauce and fresh peppery arugula salad coated with a lemon vinaigrette. Nothing sounds better as the weather gets warmer. Enjoy!

Salad Pizza snippet

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