Banana Brownies (Vegan)

This is the healthiest way that I know how to enjoy old bananas. And damn good, too. While Vegan Banana Brownies don’t scream, “appetizing!”, I can assure you that they are. These are even Fabien’s favorite banana thing that I make. Well, aside from Vegan Cinnamon Sugar Banana Muffins. Whoa, just realized that he has a taste for vegan desserts.

As a baker, I am constantly pulling sweet desserts out of my oven. I bake faster than I can eat, even with Fabien’s help. Because we eat so much of what I bake, I often seek healthier things. This recipe really delivers: no refined sugar, vegan ingredients, the options of using whole wheat flour instead of white, not using chocolate chips, or adding spices. The sweetness comes naturally from the bananas and your choice of natural sugar. Some vegans don’t eat honey, so that can be replaced by maple syrup, agave nectar, or coconut nectar. I also always fear I am low on iron, so I add molasses any time I can. You can do the same, or leave it out.

It’s nice having such an adaptable recipe, isn’t it? This can essentially be made with everything you already have. Assuming, of course, that you have old speckled bananas, begging to be baked. The result: a wholesome, fudgy, banana brownie.

Banana Brownies (vegan) snippet



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