Banana Graham Waffles


Since starting this blog, I make an effort to try new recipes and flavor combinations. It gets challenging when I have an ingredient that is in constant supply in my kitchen. And that ingredient is the ripe banana. A baker’s dream. This year though I’ve had to test my creativity by reinventing the banana and expanding a bit from my go-to recipes.

It it were up to me, I’d just make my Banana Brownies (Vegan) or Blueberry Banana Bars (Vegan) on repeat. If a real dessert were required, I’d make this Banana Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. I wouldn’t feel the need to branch out. But that is the beauty of this blog. And so I branched out.

I combined mashed bananas with a combination of all-purpose flour and graham flour. I like the depth of flavor that graham provides and I thought it was a little more unique than whole wheat. THEY ARE DELICIOUS. Through experimentation on the ratio of flours, I’ve found the perfect one, in the recipe below. The bananas are great here because they provide an element of natural sweet that off-sets the punch of the graham. They also create a really soft and moist waffle. So, crispy lovers, sorry, this one is for the soft lovers. And there’s a subtle note of cinnamon that warms the whole waffle. It’s so good.

As with any waffle, chocolate chips are welcome here. And may make the darker hue of the waffle more appealing to your kids. I didn’t add chocolate chips because let’s be real, I get plenty of those each day. Enjoy this healthier take on your morning waffles! And if your kids flat out refuse, welp, you can always top these with bananas instead.

I’m curious, what’s your number one ingredient that you always have around to bake with? Bananas also?

Banana Graham Waffles snippet

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