Mango Banana Bars (Vegan)


Well, you know I’m a sucker for banana bars at this point. I opt for Vanilla Banana Bars with Browned Butter Glaze when I want something decant. And lately because of the beautiful blueberry season, I’m making a lot of Blueberry Banana Bars (Vegan).

As a baker, I’ve found that the ingredient I constantly have an endless supply of is ripe bananas. They freeze beautifully but I just see them as gold so love to get creative and bake with them right away. Last week I made Grain-Free Dog Treats for my brother’s dog, Dexter. (Don’t worry, Jesse got a few too). I replaced the pumpkin with banana and they (I assume) were delicious. 😉

I have ripe bananas on hand so often in fact that I usually just whip up my personal favorite, Banana Brownies (Vegan).  Instead of using chocolate chips this time, I decided to give this classic a nice summer twist. So I stirred some frozen (fresh would be awesome) mango into the mix. I loved the extra sweet it added, since these are actually super healthy bars. Keep in mind that these are dense bars and not cakey or bready (see picture below).

Also, if you don’t have mango, try with any seasonal fruit or berries. Best enjoyed day of because of their moisture content.

Mango Banana Bars (Vegan) snippet


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