Chocolate Frosted Brownies


These brownies. I don’t even have words for them.

If I must:





Perfectly sweet


This recipe comes together really quickly, using just one bowl. The ingredients are simple and good. I always like to use a high quality chocolate and butter when baking brownies since those are the two most prominent flavors.

The secret to this recipe (and what makes it so good) is the chocolate frosting. Instead of adding a splash of milk or water to it, you add buttermilk. Even just a small amount takes this frosting from good to amazing. It’s the perfect amount of sweet, rich, and tangy, pairing perfectly with the brownie beneath. The frosting reminds me of the frosting in Texas Chocolate Sheet Cakes like this Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake. It’s impossible not to like.

For other brownie recipes try these: Brownie TartletsNutella Brownie Tartlets and classic Brownies. For a healthier option try these: Banana Brownies (Vegan).

Chocolate Frosted Brownies Snippet

P.s. Consider doubling this recipe for a large crowd. Double everything but the eggs — use 3 eggs if doubling. Bake in 9×13-inch pan and check at 22 minutes earlier because they may bake faster.


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