Brownie Tartlets


My friend, Sarah, introduced me to this recipe. She also introduced me to the Smitten Kitchen. I clearly have a lot to thank her for. I had never had such a delicious brownie. So fudge-y and chocolate-y, it tastes like a lava cake, despite it’s intact center. I remember asking Sarah, “Why is this so good?” Her response, “Butter. You don’t want to know how much is in this.” Ah, butter, of course. I had thought maybe they just tasted so good because of the presentation in their cute individual tins. Butter seemed like a better explanation.

These can easily be made in a muffin tin if you don’t have individual tartlets. When I was gifted these tartlets pans one year for Christmas, I knew exactly how I could put them to use. And oh, have I.

Brownie Tartlets snippet


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