Puff Babies (Dutch Babies)

Puff Babies, as my family calls them, or Dutch Babies to the rest of the world, are the easiest and most elegant breakfast, brunch, dessert. It’s a pancake alternative best served with a squeeze of lemon, powered sugar, and fresh fruit. Though I always go sweet, you can certainly switch it up by adding some fresh salmon, capers, and cream. Or a poached egg on top with some sliced ham and avocado. Or even serving a salad on top. Look at this one: Herb & Cheese Puff Baby (Dutch Baby)A puff baby can act as the base to anything you want, similar in that way to a crêpe.

Because this has been my breakfast of choice since before I can remember, I like eating it in the same way I did back in the 1990’s. Just a sprinkling of powdered sugar. My parents always tried to tempt me with a squeeze of fresh lemon and a few slices of strawberries or banana. Then later in life, Fabien tried to tempt me by spreading Nutella on top, welcoming a little swirl of whipped cream as well. But honestly, as good as puff babies are with all these toppings, I love the classic butter and powered sugar combo. Here are some others if you’re willing to play: Peach Brandy Puff Baby (Dutch Baby)Apple Cinnamon Puff Baby (Dutch Baby).

When you pull a puff baby from the oven, it’s poofed out so much, you wonder how any toppings will even be possible. Within seconds though, they deflate, creating a nice crater for any topping you desire. My favorite part is the occasional cavities filled with pools of melted butter, the perfect home for my sprinkling of powdered sugar, and ultimately the best bite. The texture of a puff baby is that of an extra thick French crêpe or Swedish pancake. The sides are chewier and slightly crispy, the insides moist, resembling a popover.

Whether you make these for your 4th of July breakfast or brunch today, or save them for a rainy weekend, I guarantee these will become a staple for your family too.

Puff Babies snippet


  1. I love the pure version of the Puff Baby, but would never have thought to add savory ingredients and turn it into a lunch or a supper. I can’t wait to try.

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