Blueberry Coffee Cake


When I was little, my family would occasionally go out to breakfast on school-days. Very exciting. This was mostly with the intention of celebrating a birthday, good grades, or when another sibling was in town visiting. When I was in high school, it became necessary to choose a breakfast spot close to the school so we could be dropped off right after eating.

Enter Hobee’s Café. It’s a no-fuss, home-y restaurant across the street from Paly, the high school I attended. Aside from their cozy atmosphere, they’re known and awarded for their breakfasts and blueberry coffee cake. As mentioned in most posts, I was an incredibly picky eater growing up. I was even picky about sugar. I didn’t like the idea of fruit in cake, period. Yet somehow, I let my guards down to taste their blueberry coffee cake…

A tall slice of cake, dotted with blueberry, topped with streusel and a melon-ball shaped blob of butter. I enjoyed using my fork to try and keep the butter ball from rolling down the sides of the cake while it melted.

This cake is even better. And doesn’t need the extra butter on top. It’s perfect as is. Soft, fluffy, and generously topped in streusel. It matches perfectly with a cup of coffee or tea.

Blueberry Coffee Cake snippet


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