Apple Cinnamon Puff Baby (Dutch Baby)


Nothing will ever beat classic Puff Babies (Dutch Babies) but this one came dangerously close. It even has me rethinking my preferences. Cinnamon added to anything receives high marks from me and combined with apples (from my tree!), it’s no wonder this recipe knocked my socks off.

The funny thing about puff babies is that they’re so simple so I think they catch people off guard when they realize just how delicious they are. Similar to crepes, there are just a million different variations. I am still floored by the savory take on the puff baby Herb & Cheese Puff Baby (Dutch Baby) and so I was inspired to test other options. I played around a few times with a chocolate version but I’m still not satisfied with that one (stay tuned.) I have high puff baby standards! Before summer is over, I think a peach and bourbon or peach and brown butter sounds really good, don’t you? And maybe the Fall will bring some pumpkin options, or else this apple cinnamon puff baby on repeat.

Until then, if you love breakfast and brunch and you’re looking for a way to refresh some of your favorites, try this easy, rustic-yet-elegant, full of Fall flavor, apple cinnamon puff baby. You will get the highest puff using a cast iron skillet but if you don’t have one, don’t worry, any pie plate or dish will work. Oh, and seriously, the topping is a must. The cinnamon syrup brings all the flavors together and is essential to the recipe. I so often omit the toppings in recipes, not always seeing the necessity in them, but this one is essential and just requires mixing cinnamon and vanilla with maple syrup. And putting a pat of butter over the still hot puff baby. Trust me.


Apple Cinnamon Puff Baby (Dutch Baby) snippet



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