Apple Cream Torte


The explanation of a torte was given in the Purple Plum Torte post. The main take away was that it’s a European version of a cake, with a different crumb texture. American cakes tend to be soft sponge cakes and European tortes tend to be denser, often with fruit or nuts.

I discovered this recipe three years ago when flipping through a Sunset magazine. It was right before Thanksgiving and ended up being so good that it was our first, and now since, annual Thanksgiving dessert. There are mixed feelings about pumpkin pie in my family, so this has been an awesome alternative, sometimes on it’s own, sometimes in addition to pie.

It’s like a cross between cake, Apple CustardApple Clafoutis, and Puff Babies (Dutch Babies). It slices like a cake but is much more creamy/custardy than cake. The inside is layered with tender apples, which are the perfect match for the soft cake and the first thing I think of is how incredibly creamy everything is. It’s just beautiful.

There is no need for cinnamon or other spices because it lets the apple shine and the apples are subtle so it’s really exquisite. Everything about this cake is delicate and delicious. And it’s quite simple to make. There is no butter in it, therefore no creaming of ingredients, making it quick and easy to produce. I can’t wait to hear what you think! I recommend it for a dinner or holiday party dessert, or a tea party, book club, or brunch style dessert.

Apple Cream Torte snippet

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