Something I didn’t anticipate when becoming a baker was the difficulty in choosing names for things. I’m often stuck at my computer, trying to think up a descriptive, yet efficient, title for the bakes being pulled from the oven. There are so many hybrids, variations, and new creations. It took me forever, for example, to come up with the name for this delicious dessert, Crustless Blackberry Custard Pie.

The pan-crêpe breakfast cake is another such example. Most importantly, it’s absolutely delicious and utterly simple to make. It’s like a classic French crepe, or Swedish pancake in flavor but it’s much thicker. Imagine a stack of crepes that have melded together, creating a jumbo crepe, that you can then slice into like a cake. When asking my friend Shireen for possible names, she suggested, “Big-boned crêpe.” Ultimately, I chose a crepe/pancake hybrid name because it tastes like a crepe but is thicker like a pancake. It’s also similar to Puff Babies (Dutch Babies) although, only in appearance and the egg-component. Neither in texture nor taste, as a puff baby is void of sugar and this pan-crepe is void of butter.

It’s texture is rubbery (in the best way possible) and firm-custard-esque. It cuts like butter (while having none in it), making gorgeous and easily distributable slices. This is thanks to the egg content, also making it a nice protein packed breakfast option. The top is the best part, as it’s lightly sprinkled with sugar. I prefer eating this plain. Fabien prefers spreading Nutella on it. Others will likely enjoy it with fresh berries, whipped cream, or topped with yogurt.

Variation; sprinkling of cinnamon; lemon; almond in batter or on top.

Pancrepe snippet


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