Chocolate Chip Pancakes

Nothing quite hits the spot like a chocolate chip pancake on a Saturday or Sunday morning. When my husband moved here from his home country of France, I think his diet for the first few months consisted entirely of hamburgers and pancakes. When I told him he could get chocolate chips in his pancakes, I think his exact words were, “I love your country.” Proud moment for a wife. :-p

While typically, I make classic Vanilla Buttermilk Pancakes, every so often I have a craving for the chocolate chip variety. And recently, one such craving had to be satisfied. This chocolate chip pancake recipe is my favorite, classic pancake recipe to use. They are delicious plain or with different toppings. If you’re not into the chocolate chips, use fresh blueberries or sliced banana.

They’re fluffy and soft and you can’t compete with a homemade batter. Feel free to swap the milk with buttermilk if you prefer. Enjoy!

chocolate chip pancakes snippet


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