Maca Pancakes (Gluten Free)



I feel like we’re living in the age of superfoods. Or at least living in an age that is rediscovering the health benefits of ancient ingredients. I love it!

This love is why I am working in the wellness field (my day job) — it’s also why my kitchen is currently stocked with all sorts of powders like maca, spirulina, baobab, etc. I’ve also been experimenting with alternative sweeteners and flours. It’s been fun and surprisingly delicious. Most of the time. There was one gluten-free muffin I made the other day that Fabien described as taking a bite of flour in gummy form. Gross.

With a lab of sorts in my kitchen, it’s required a lot of research into why these superfoods are so “super” and how on earth I’m supposed to consume them. I don’t drink smoothies so I have to get creative. And what better way than baking?

So today I present one of the successes I’ve discovered with maca powder. Maca pancakes! Maca is a vitamin-rich food that comes from Peru. It’s not to be confused with Matcha powder: ground green tea leaves. Maca is in the cruciferous family. It looks like a shriveled up root, which is fitting because it has an earthy taste. It’s not something you want to just stir into hot water and drink. I haven’t tried, but from the smell, I’m not tempted. I was however, tempted to take that earthy, nutty, quality and add it to something I love, and something that is very hard to mess up: pancakes.

These pancakes are healthier than your classic Vanilla Buttermilk Pancakes or Chocolate Chip Pancakes. They’re dairy free, gluten free, and paleo. They do have eggs so they’re not vegan and I also butter the pan instead of using coconut oil, but use whatever your diet can handle. I had my doubts going into this, but as I flipped each one onto the plate, I realized they were disappearing as fast as I was creating them. They’re delicious! Even if they aren’t as fluffy as pancakes, they taste the part! They’re slightly nutty, sort of like a whole wheat pancake. And if they taste too healthy for you, add some maple syrup or any toppings of your choice.

If you’re interested, I’d recommend researching maca powder and all the nutritional and medicinal benefits it offers. While no expert, I’m passionate about balancing all these desserts I bake. And better yet, an excuse to call pancakes a superfood. 😉

Maca Pancakes (Gluten Free) snippet


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