Cowboy Cookies


My best friend, Tania, sent me this recipe a few months back. She’s not much of a sweet-tooth (so unfair, right?) but she does periodically send me recipes that are “worthy enough” to eat.

These cookies, along with Pistachio Chocolate Chip Biscotti, Zucchini Bread MuffinsEasy Peasy Cheesecake, and and type of banana bread including, Banana Bread Roll and Banana Poppy Seed Bread to name a few, are the only things that can really get Tania to eat sugar.

Our future goal is to create a Youtube channel where she teaches the viewers (and me!) to make a savory dish and I teach the viewers (and her!) to make a sweet dessert. 🙂

These cookies are very popular in the south. I mean the name in itself may be an indictor of that. I think this particular recipe, while posted in New York Times is really adapted from Barbara Bush’s award-winning recipe. It’s essentially a chewy chocolate chip cookie with the works.

Think anything and everything you could possibly stir into cookie dough. Pecans, chocolate, oats, coconut, etc. Anything that suits your fancy. I laughed when stirring these additions in because the dough was so thick and dry I wondered if they’d even bake properly.

They did.

And they’re damn good! Yee-haw.

cowboy cookies snippet

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