Pear & Apple Cobbler


Sometimes the simple stuff, and often the not so beautiful stuff, is the best. Fabien and I demolished this the same afternoon I made it. Butter is the prominent flavor and it is SO delicious. I think the fact that is pairs (pun, very much intended) both pear and apple, instead of one or the other, makes this cobbler even more delicious.

The fruit gets cooked perfectly and perfumes the rest of the batter, which is soft and buttery and slightly warm with the addition of cinnamon. I ate this hot from the oven with vanilla ice cream and kept returning for more. Fabien preferred it room temperature so the fruit wasn’t hot. Either way, it’s DELICIOUS. And true to cobbler fashion, it’s really easy to make. So put your electric mixer away. (Music to my ears). If you mixed this with an electric mixer, it would toughen the dough and the beauty of this cobbler is how soft and tender the topping is.

Feel free to swap out pear for apple or vis-versa or consider making it later in the season with some of your favorite stone fruit and berries. For other cobbler recipes on the blog check out: Old Fashioned Raspberry CobblerSnickerdoodle Apple CobblerSimple Strawberry Cake or crumbles: Peach & Bourbon Pecan CrumbleBlueberry CrumbleStrawberry Rhubarb Crumble, or Apple Ginger Crumble.

P.s. Sorry I don’t have a picture of what it looks like in it’s served form, which to me is steaming hot in a bowl with vanilla ice cream. Naturally, I ate it all before I thought to share. 😀

*Note: Any pear and apple variety will work here. I like bosc pear for their firmness but juicy pears work well too because they leak more flavor during baking. Also, use a high quality salted (preferably European) butter here because it’s so butter-forward that it may as well be a good one!

pear & apple cobbler snippet

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