Cranberry Bliss Bars


I posted this recipe ages ago when A Bee Bakes was just beginning. Whenever you see this gray carpet in my photos, you’ll know it’s a recipe from when I was living in San Diego and Fabien and I were in the transition of moving. The gray carpet indicates that we were living out of moving boxes. We’d sold our coffee table by this point and were in the midst of a move, so the carpet was the only option, as we were out of furniture at this point.

Fast-forward to present day. This recipe from the archives caught my eye because we’re now January, and most of us probably have half empty bags or dry cranberries left over from the holidays. If you find yourself in this situation….let me ask you question: have you ever tried the cranberry bliss bars at Starbucks during the holidays? If you have not, don’t worry, you can bake them yourself! If you have, well then, you’re welcome. 😉

They are surprisingly easy to make. They are essentially blondies with white chocolate chips and dried cranberries added. Once cooled you frost with a cream cheese and white chocolate topping, with little bits of dried cranberries mixed in. Blondies (here’s a classic recipe: Blondies) by nature are sweet so the addition of tart cranberries is welcome to counter-balance the sweetness. And you have complete control over the level of sweet in the frosting so you can make it tart and tangy or rich and sweet. Your call.

When baking anything with melted butter, you know it’s going to be an easier recipe because you can skip the step of creaming the butter and sugar, which means you can skip the electric mixer–and just use a whisk. Amen! These recipes are perfect for the lazy baker or the bakers in a pinch.

Cranberry Bliss Bars snippetIMG_0840

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