Banana Poppy Seed Bread


I grew up with a love of poppy seed muffins.

I also grew up with a hatred for any lemon dessert. I learned early on that lemon and poppy seed went hand-in-hand. For a while, I sort of gave up poppy seeded baked goods because of this. As the years passed though, I noticed that almond and poppy seed were also a common match. And so I re-entered my poppy seed loving state.

In my search for the perfect poppy seed bread last year, which I found and adapted here: Poppy Seed Bread, I stumbled upon a recipe for banana poppy seed bread. I’d never seen the combination before and I was intrigued. I made it and have continued to re-make it since.

This is the perfect banana poppy seed bread. It’s the best of both breads. It’s so moist and sweet that it could almost be a cake. It’s dense and so soft that it makes cutting almost impossible because it sinks with the knife, yet once sliced, it springs back into place. It’s just one of those bakes that while nothing too special to look at, eating it is an entirely different story. Everyone asks for the recipe and it should probably be doubled and baked in a 9×13-inch pan instead. It goes quickly because once you sink your teeth into it’s pillow-y welcoming carby-ness, there’s really no turning down seconds. Or thirds.

Banana Poppy Seed Bread snippet



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