A Warm Welcome




It seems like a good time to introduce myself to the newbies here and to say hi to this little community that makes me so happy. :)I’m Abby, the baker behind ABeeBakes and @abeebakes on Instagram. I absolutely love getting to know each of you and I want to share a bit about myself too.


I post recipes of my bakes Monday-Friday here on http://www.abeebakes.com. I also post the pictures on @abeebakes instagram.


I bake out of California, always with my golden retriever sidekick, Jesse. You can find more about him on the “Jesse Bakes” highlight on the @abeebakes Instagram.


I’m a self taught baker that got my start when traveling to France after graduating from college and falling in love with the desserts (and my now husband, Fabien). While I think my passion for baking took off during that time, I’ve really always had a sweet tooth and can’t stand food waste. So I get pretty creative when using ingredients that need to be rescued before they face the trash can. I’m looking at you especially, Pain Perdu (French Style French Toast)Banana Poppy Seed Bread, and Cranberry Sauce Muffins.


My favorite dessert is chocolate mousse (mousse au chocolat). Mousse au Chocolat (No-Egg) and Dark, Dark Chocolate Mousse. I have yet to post my very favorite chocolate mousse recipe because I’m so particular about it that I haven’t quite perfected it yet. Though, Nutella Mousse is the closest I’ve come to the exact texture and sweetness that I’ve been looking for.


My favorite time to bake is during the Fall. I love anything with cinnamon. The more the better. My favorite part about A Bee Bakes is the baking, no surprise there. Then the writing. I don’t like taking the picture of doing the hashtags though.


Baking is my passion but I work as an Executive Assistant to pay for the ingredients. Especially the vanilla beans. 😉


My very favorite topic of conversation is food preferences. I love learning what people like and dislike. I could talk about this forever. And my friends know. :-p


I guess that should do for now. I’d love to hear more about you! Where are you all from? What are your favorite desserts? What brought you here? Do you bake? Or do you prefer eating what other people bake for you? Thanks for stopping by, for trying my recipes, and mostly for all your kindness!


To learn a bit more about me, follow my Instagram (@abeebakes) and check out the About tab on this blog. 🙂


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