Mocha Almond Egg-White Cookies (GF)


Left: Coffee & chocolate chips

Middle: Normal chocolate chips

Right: Mini-chocolate chips

These are essentially meringue cookies. BUT when I hear that, I think of the crunchy dry meringue cookie that I grew up buying from the grocery store. These meringue cookies are much more marshmallow-y in texture. They are soft and chewy, and full of flavor–as opposed to just tasting sugar (as is often the case for the packaged variety).

Gluten-free mocha almond egg-white cookies, while more of a mouth-full than “meringue” are much more accurate of their identity. They are made with 4 simple ingredients: almond flour, sugar, salt, and egg whites. Then you have the option of folding in 2 more: instant espresso powder for the coffee flavor and chocolate chips.

They are adapted from Smitten Kitchen, who adapted them from a recipe called “Ugly But Good Cookies.” Ha! While not the prettiest cookie, and a bit modest perhaps in color, I don’t think they’re ugly. I do however, whole-heartedly agree that they are good! VERY good. Enjoy!

Mocha Almond Egg-white cookies (GF) snippet


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