Crustless Blackberry Custard Pie


I almost just titled this Blackberry Bake. I have no idea what it really is. The original recipe calls it a cobbler. But to me, a cobbler is baked fruit, topped with blobs of some sort of biscuit-y dough. This doesn’t look like that. Although, it does have a “cobbled” look with the blackberries that are spotted throughout.

And it’s not really a pie because a pie has a crust, either on the bottom or top, or both. This doesn’t have that.

While it looks like a clafoutis, Cherry Clafoutis, it’s not that either. Clafoutis’ have eggs; this does not. This also has more butter than a clafoutis.

It is sort of a custard, in the way that is cuts, but it’s much lighter in flavor. It’s not as rich and heavy because it has neither eggs nor cream. It really just showcases the blackberries, or whatever berry you use, and the rest is just a nice little base for all of it.

So, as you can see, Blackberry Bake is starting to look good. What would you call it?

P.s. It’s quite good and is the easiest thing to make. As long as you have berries 🙂

Crustless Blackberry Custard Pie snippet



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