Crustless Apple Custard Pie


Right now I’ve been making a lot of Crustless Strawberry Custard Pie and Crustless Blackberry Custard Pie because it’s summer and all. However, my last Imperfect Produce box delivered a variety of apples. It is California so I’m not going to question a June apple delivery. I may be the only one with apples right now, so sorry if this recipe doesn’t apply to you this month. It will however, be PERFECT as soon as Fall hits. And quite frankly, you can use any other berry or fresh fruit in place of the apple. It’ll be fun to experiment and see what you like best. My personal favorite is the strawberry. I’ll try a tri-berry and blueberry one soon.

I’ve created so many variations of this particular recipe because I’m always so delighted at how easy and delicious it is. I’m a total sucker for any recipe that doesn’t require electric mixers, and this one only calls for a whisk. It bakes in 45 minutes and it’s the best way to use up any impatient fruit that’s laying around, reminding us of inevitable expiration. It also doesn’t require any fancy ingredients, you’ll likely have everything on hand.

Enjoy with ice cream (especially on this hot June day) or whipped cream. Serve at room temperature, warm from the oven, or nicely chilled. It’s good in all forms. Correction: *SO good.

Here are similar recipes that have a higher custard ratio: Baked Apple Custard and Apple Clafoutis.

Crustless Apple Custard Pie snippet


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