Marbled Banana Bread

My friend, Sarah, made this marbled banana bread months ago and sent me the pictures. It’s simply gorgeous. She made me promise her that the next time I had spotted bananas, I would make this. I kinda kept my promise. The next few times I had spotted bananas I made: Banana Brownies (Vegan)Banana Nut Muffins, Banana Oatmeal Pancakes and  Banana Upside Down Cake. I did finally end up keeping my promise of making this bread though. Lesson from it all: I should not have waited.  I should have made this immediately because as immediately as it was made, it was gone. I don’t think it even reached room temperature before it was all eaten.

The bread is speckled with chocolate chips and swirled with chocolate and banana flavor. It’s the perfect sweetness: sweet enough as a dessert but not overly sweet so you can eat it as breakfast too. It’s perfect both straight from the oven and days later, thanks to all the moisture it gets from the bananas. As I promised Sarah I would make this, please now promise me that you will too.

Marbled Banana Bread



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