Pavlova. Turns out, not many people have heard of this. Have you?

I’m not entirely sure when I first discovered it. Being from Northern California, there is a certain pride local eateries have here when serving something that most people may not know about. Pavlova included. So perhaps it was just my environment.

Or maybe it was from my best friend, Tania. Her parents are from New Zealand and since she and I have been friends, I’ve heard about her favorite dessert, Pavlova, on multiple occasions.

When we were in France during Christmas, Fabien’s Dad mentioned how easy it is to make. It’s essentially just egg whites and sugar. This intrigued me. He offered to do a little teaching demonstration for me. He was right, it was easy to make! And so worth making. We topped it with fresh sliced mango, even though he and his wife, Martine, typically make it during the summer and decorate it with colorful seasonal berries.


Pavolva snippet


  1. I made this for a dinner party last night and people were scraping the plater of every last morsel! While this recipe serves 8, I found that everyone wanted seconds. The group made me promise that I would bring it again to the next dinner. Thank you, Abby!

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