Marble Bundt Cake

Last month, I had the pleasure of meeting a fellow blogger, Sep Cooks. We connected about travel (especially Paris), low-sugar recipes, and inspiration for our blogs. She asked where I get most of my inspiration and I said a family of amazing cooks and cookbooks. When asked the same question, she said through her travels around the world. Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to try something of hers. It took no time at all before I landed on her gorgeous marble bundt cake topped with rich chocolate ganache.

In Sep’s description of the inspiration behind this particular recipe, she thanks her Aunt for teaching her the concept of hospitality. Her Aunt contributed to her love of cake and the anticipation of a homemade bundt cake at any family function, which ultimately inspired a generous baker in her.

Aside from its visual beauty, I think the real beauty resides in the light and moist crumb. My husband, Fabien, who as most of the subscribed readers know by now, is French. When he tasted this cake, he said “Mon dieu. This tastes exactly like Savane Brossard — a cake I grew up eating as a kid!” The cake he remembers is also a soft marbled cake that promises moisture and contrasting chocolate and vanilla flavors, without being overly sweet or buttery, just like Sep’s marbled bundt cake. The moisture comes from the buttermilk and combination of oil and butter.

The ganache is entirely optional but adds a level of sophistication if you will be serving for dessert. In the future, I will omit the ganache if serving as a snack cake with tea and coffee. However, if serving for dessert, I’ll definitely add the ganache again. In addition to the rich chocolate flavor, it adds a nice textural contrast against the soft cake. Thanks for sharing, Sep!

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Marble Bundt Cake snippet 1Marble Bundt Cake snippet 2



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