Mousse au Chocolat Blanc


Mousse au Chocolat Blanc/White Chocolate Mousse, is the perfect alternative for people who don’t like regular chocolate. One of my very best friends, Hanna, falls into this category. She’ll eat it, especially if it’s the only option, but she much prefers a dessert without it, like cheesecake or tiramisu.

Out of everyone I know, Hanna and I share the most meals together. She is an amazing and humble cook. She’s the type of cook that eyeballs everything, never follows a recipe, and always creates the best dishes. I find this endlessly annoying because I can never replicate them! Just as well. I can and do however, volunteer to repay her in desserts. I love baking for her because she challenges me to find recipes that exclude chocolate but that are just as good. Turns out, there are tons of options out there. And this very mousse is one of them.

One year for Christmas, my sister-in-law presented me with an enormous French chocolate cookbook. It is one of my most prized material items. It was here that I discovered a recipe for white chocolate mousse. Perfect for Hanna.

This is a great “baking for beginners” recipe. It requires two ingredients and refrigeration. And poof, you have a fancy French dessert.

Mousse au Chocolat Blanc snippet




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