Dark, Dark Chocolate Mousse


I announce (far too often) that my favorite dessert is chocolate mousse. I’m certain this will never change. There’s just nothing like getting to eat a bowl of rich, smooth chocolate.

This dark, dark chocolate mousse is for the real dark chocolate lovers. I love rich chocolate mousse, and I consider chocolate a food group, but even this particular recipe is too dark for me. If you’re the type of person that snacks on bittersweet baking chocolate *cough, Mom, cough* this is your recipe! It’s not sweet at all–it’s truly intense dark chocolate in mousse form.

For the people who bite into chocolate and are immediately disappointed when realizing it’s dark, then steer clear of this recipe. Don’t worry though, you’ll love these: Nutella Mousse and Mousse au Chocolat (No-Egg).. For my white chocolate loving friends, try this Mousse au Chocolat Blanc. Next on my list is Julia Child’s classic chocolate mousse. I have a feeling that will be the winner for me! I’ll keep you all posted.

Oh, one last thing, no bain-marie (water-bath) needed here. It’s quick with melting the chocolate in the microwave. Also, no butter in this recipe!

Dark, Dark Chocolate Mousse Snippet


  1. Abby, I don’t bake, but — as you know — I love desserts. I just found your oatmeal cookie recipe. If I made that with sugar substitute (both brown and white) would I just use the same measurements?

    Love you, Rill

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    1. Hi CA! I’m so happy to hear that even a non-baker is willing to give it a shot. And yes, the sugar substitute can be used interchangeably with both the brown and white sugars. Good luck! 🙂


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