Brioche Bread with Custard Filling


I don’t actually call this recipe “Brioche Bread with Custard Filling.” I call it “Easter Bread” simply because I make it every Easter. I changed the name just now so that it can provide a bit more description. It’s a sweet yeast bread that is extra moist with the addition of sour cream–this extra fat delivers extra flavor. The inside of the bread has a delicious ribbon of cream cheese custard filling. It’s my favorite bread to make, aside from Orange Brioche that I make at Christmas. Honestly, there is nothing better than sweet yeast brioche bread. And now that it’s no longer “Easter Bread” surely this means we should be making it more regularly than once a year. Right?

Brioche Bread with Custard Filling snippet 1Brioche Bread with Custard Filling snippet 2

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