Moelleux au Chocolat (Molten Chocolate Cake)


In my time as a baker, the two main questions I get are:

1) What do you do with all the desserts you make; surely you aren’t eating it all or do you have crazy self-control?

2) What’s your favorite dessert?

I always have a hard time choosing my favorite dessert. Don’t we all? I can always narrow it down to two and then whichever I’ve had most recently, I declare my favorite.

The two:

Chocolate molten cake (also referred to as lava cake, fondant au chocolat, and moelleux au chocolat) — it’s a gooey chocolate cake eaten warm.


Chocolate mousse.

Both of were established as favorites for me while I was living in France. I couldn’t believe the quality of the chocolate in Europe and how rich it was in desserts. I made a point of it to always choose something with chocolate while I was there. Each restaurant was just as good as the next for their mousses and fondants. Even the cheap frozen moelleux au chocolat from the grocery chains (that you microwave) were better than anything I’d had growing up. It was baffling.

A few years ago, when eating dinner at my French in-laws that live in California, my husband’s aunt served this very recipe, although she subbed the all-purpose flour with gluten free flour for her diet. I tasted it and was immediately transported back to France and the flavors of France. When I said that, Fabien’s Uncle said, “Wait until you try the non-gluten free kind. It’s much better.” He was right! And here it is.

Nothing like the magic of chocolate, sugar, butter, and eggs. Bon appetit. Oh and for some mousse recipes (sorry, I haven’t found my perfect french mousse recipe because I’m super particular but for GREAT ones that I’ve approved –haha — here they are):

Nutella MousseMousse au Chocolat Blanc, and easy egg-free Mousse au Chocolat (No-Egg)

*Note about the recipe: I like to use Guittard chocolate or another high quality chocolate since it’s the dominant flavor. I also always use salted butter. See the About section for other notes about my baking methods.

moelleux au chocolat snippet


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