Mousse au Chocolat (No-Egg)

Mousse au chocolat, or Chocolate Mousse in English, is my all time favorite dessert. If it is listed on any dessert menu, I will order it without hesitation. My love of mousse au chocolat began on my first trip to the South of France. I was eating at a restaurant in Frejus called “L’instant” and wanted anything chocolate for dessert. Typically, I would order the Chocolat Fondant (chocolate lava cake) with vanilla ice cream. It was not on the menu that night, but mousse au chocolat maison (homemade) was. So I tried. And so my number one leading favorite dessert, the chocolat fondant, was replaced by mousse au chocolat.

Since then, I’ve tried a handful of different chocolate mousse recipes. They range in ingredients and techniques from only egg whites, to only the yolks, to heavy whipping cream, to adding butter, to adding a splash of milk. I also like to play around with the type of chocolate, intense dark chocolate, pure milk chocolate, Nutella, or even white chocolate versions. Perhaps my headstone will read, “Still testing mousse au chocolat recipes.” The mission is endless. My perfect mousse is rich in chocolate but extremely light in texture, almost like eating chocolate fluff.

This recipe in particular is incredible, for three reasons. First, it is ridiculously easy, with only two ingredients. And second, it is completely free of egg (no need to worry about uncooked eggs) and added sugar. And third, it’s fast. It’s sweetened simply by the sugar that already exists in the chocolate. And it is lifted into a luxurious mousse by the whipped cream. You can sprinkle it with any choice in topping, add a dollop of swiss meringue or sweetened whipped cream, or leave as is. Any chocolate mousse is a mousse worth having. Enjoy.

Mousse au Chocolat (No Egg) snippet



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