Tarte Soleil à la Tapenade

IMG_0683For as long as I can remember, I’ve lacked confidence in my artistic abilities. I tell my brother all the time, that he took all the artistic genes. He creates magnificent blown glass and paintings. He’s also musical and knows how to play the drums. And he can draw anything and everything. I can barely draw a stick figure. My creative outlet is through writing and baking and while I’ve advanced in the baking department, I still have a long way to go for making show-stopping-ly beautiful bakes.

So when I find a recipe that is as beautiful as it is simple and delicious, it’s just the boost of confidence that I need. Everything in this recipe is already made, so if you are not a confident baker or cook, this is a great starter recipe. With a few simple cuts and twists, you create a beautiful golden sun shaped puff pastry swirled with tapenade. Yum.

Tarte Soleil à la Tapenade snippet

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