Apple Fritter Cake


Before my Dad moved to Austin, we had weekly dinner dates. It was a great way to get quality time in after work. Speaking of quality, one of my Dad’s finest qualities (that he has of course passed along to me, lol), is that dessert is a non-negotiable.

As a dessert lover, he isn’t picky, but if the choice were left to him, he’d always choose ice cream. Occasionally–who am I kidding–frequently, the dessert choice was in my hands. And if it wasn’t ice cream, it was likely donuts. I should probably add now that my Dad is incredibly healthy, athletic, and fit. His kitchen is always stocked with fruits, nuts, superfoods, etc. Haha.

I’m a pretty boring donut eater: classic glaze, please. They’re just so good. My Dad, however, always without question, orders the apple fritter. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t even know what an apple fritter is. Where would we be without our parents?

When I recently found myself scrolling through the eternal feed of Instagram, my eye caught a picture of an apple fritter cake. We are talking mere minutes before I found myself in the kitchen. Baker’s gotta bake. So I made this incredible take on a classic apple fritter. The good news? It’s not fried, like a traditional apple fritter. The bad news? It’s still brimming with calories. But each one of them, worth it.

The cake is a concoction of layers. First layer is super moist cake that’s rich with sour cream. It’s topped with a layer of sweet apples that have been sautéed to create a cinnamon-y syrup. Then a sprinkling of brown sugar and more cinnamon. The rest of the cake batter gets added on top and then it’s ready to bake. Once out of the oven, the glaze gets drizzled onto the still warm cake, creating that signature apple fritter finish.

My poor Dad was in Austin when I sent him the picture of the final cake. His response, “Oh man!! As usual, I’m available to be your taste tester” and then went on to tell me his schedule for his next trip out. Mission accomplished!

Apple Fritter Cake snippet 1Apple Fritter Cake snippet 2


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