Coffee Toffee Chocolate Muffins


If the word toffee is added to anything, well, I’ll take that one please.

I remember the first trip I took to visit Fabien (my hubs) in France, he took me to the only restaurant open after my long and late flight: McDonald’s. I was not pleased to have the first French meal be an American fast-food chain.

Turns out, before my flight back to the States, I requested a return trip to “Mac-Do” as the French affectionally call it. I was SO surprised by the French-ified menu. Not only was there wine, but croissant sandwiches, goat cheese burgers, soft potato wedges instead of skinny yellow fries, and most importantly, a McFlurry with bits of toffee and caramel sauce. If you’re unfamiliar, a McFlurry is the McDonald’s soft serve ice cream with mix-in’s. So my “McFlurry Caramel Daim” was what initiated our return trip. And since then, I’ve wanted toffee (which they call ‘Daim’, aka their brand version and equivalent to our “Heath” bar in America) on everything.

I’ve added it to cookies: Toffee Chocolate Chunk CookiesToffee Espresso Chocolate Chunk Cookies, and Oatmeal Toffee Cookies. Also bars: Apple Toffee Bars. But mostly, I just crush it into pieces and add it to vanilla ice cream, trying to replicate the French McDonald’s version.

Ok, I’m getting off topic though. I’m not giving you a McFlurry recipe today. Instead I’m giving you a toffee muffin recipe, which they happen to serve at the French McDonald’s as well. They call it “le Muffin.”

These muffins are SO GOOD. They’re mocha based: chocolate and coffee. Coffee always brings out the flavor of chocolate (thanks Barefoot Contessa), so these muffins bring the chocolate flavor more than any store-bought variety would. They’re speckled with chocolate chips, which make them even better (especially when eaten cooled because the chocolate solidifies and I love that). The best part though, as is often the case, is the streusel topping. And the part where the toffee comes into play. Those chunks you see on top of the muffins are not nuts, they’re toffee pieces. Crunchy, sweet, and so good with those deep chocolate/coffee flavors. To go full circle, enjoy these for breakfast with a cup of hot coffee.

Coffee Toffee Chocolate Muffins snippet

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