Honey Bun Cake


This is one of the most unusual, in the absolute best way, cakes I think I’ve made to date.

The actual cake is yeast based. So you’re getting an almost brioche-like cake with a subtle yeast flavor. So if you’re me, an absolute dream. I wish all cakes were made with yeast. It’s fluffy, like a sweet bun, and has very little butter (2 tablespoons) so it’s not dense at all. It’s light and airy and ever so subtly sweet (only 2 tablespoons of sugar).

And I haven’t even mentioned the best part! It’s a yeast based cake that requires no kneading, no resting, no rising, nothing. You literally just mix the yeast in with the dry ingredients and that’s it. It’s as easy as making ramen noodles. So, if you’re reading this, and you bake very little, or never, you will AMAZE everyone you know if you start with this recipe. Including yourself.

The cake batter then gets sprinkled with a little cinnamon sugar mixture. Followed by the world’s easiest “caramel” pecan topping. Caramel is in quotes because while caramel-like, it’s again, the easiest thing ever. Caramel typically is made over the stove top by boiling together butter and sugar, and it can be annoying to get the timing right. More annoying can be the cleaning up afterward. However, this recipe is so easy, and requires no extra cooking. It just asks you to stir melted butter, honey, brown sugar, and pecans together. Since honey is a strong flavor and sweet, I’ve included an alternative method using corn syrup. The honey is delicious here with the pecans and really helps make the cake a cake, since the actual batter is so low on sugar.

So, you just spread the honey pecan mixture over it all and bake. That’s it! It’s incredible. And what you’re rewarded with is a gooey, brioche-y cake, that’s decadent and delicious. And because it’s not actual cake, as we’ve established, it bakes it a great thing to serve at breakfast or bring to a brunch. A hot cup of coffee would be an excellent accompaniment.


Honey Bun Cake snippet



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