Indian Honey Cake

I love how Indian food always brings so much flavor! I’ve never been to India but I imagine that being there is the ultimate experience for your senses. The colors, flavors, everything. And this cake definitely delivers that. Most breads, cookies, and cakes are beige and as a baking blogger, I’m always finding ways for beige to look exciting. It’s not easy, until this cake comes along.

The jam topping is glossy and rich in color. I used a combination of strawberry and raspberry and I loved how that turned out. If I weren’t low on ingredients (quarantine life), I’d have sprinkled some shredded coconut on top too.

I know that in many parts of the world, the corona virus has led to egg shortages at the grocery stores. If you’re in one of those areas, you can rejoice in the fact that this cake is entirely egg free. It does however use condensed milk, so hopefully you have that available. It also doesn’t use butter so another score!

The actual cake is soft and light and acts as a sponge for the sweet honey syrup that gets absorbed into it. It’s truly the moistest cake. It’s sweet with the flavor of honey and the fruity spread on top. I can’t even tell you how quickly my husband and I ate this — it’s too embarrassing. If you’re in the mood for something sweet, pantry-friendly, and colorful and bright, this is it!

Indian Honey Cake snippet 1Indian Honey Cake snippet 2


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