M&M Cookies

I’ve made these cookies so many times now, I think I’ve celebrated every single holiday with them at least once. They’ve gone from Easter m&m cookies to 4th of July m&m cookies, and now to Valentine’s Day m&m cookies. What I really should have called them are holiday m&m cookies, because that’s just what they are.

Every single holiday, (and even an excuse for other events like baby and bridal showers, or graduations and anniversaries) m&m candies are quick to supply special colors to match the theme of your event. I personally love it.

Because it prevents me from having to do what I personally don’t love: going out to buy special molds or cookie cutters or any other specific equipment that I’ll use only once a year for a certain holiday. Buying a bag of m&m candies is much easier and the question (aka headache) of storage never comes up.

The third best part about these cookies (hehe, first is taste, second is cute-factor) is that they can be your classic chocolate chip cookie too! Really, they are chocolate chip cookies at the base. The chocolate chips however are swapped with m&m’s.

Can you honestly look back at your m&m cookie consumption and think of a time when they were soft? Or let alone, appealing? I’ve only ever eaten a few, mostly in my younger years when artificial colors in food actually tempted my palate.  Although, even back then, with the allure of candy added to my already sweet dessert, m&m cookies fell short. The problem: dry, dense, and crunchy.

This recipe will change all your previous suspicions about m&m cookies. They are incredibly soft, chewy and rich in flavor. When splitting in half, they gently bend rather than snap apart. And really, you don’t even have to follow my recipe! You can just make any chocolate chip cookie recipe you want, and substitute the chocolate chips for m&m’s. However, these are so good, I think you’d regret not trying it. They produce an incredibly soft cookie, so soft in fact, they’re really like pudding cookies. However, no artificial pudding mixes get added to these. They’re secret ingredient (and my inability to stop at just one) is cornstarch. It delivers the same moisture that the pudding box mixes provide, without any chemicals. The result is a cookie that is so soft, it practically melts in your mouth. And getting those bites of crunchy candy shell that encase the chocolate is so satisfying.

So next time you’re hoping to up your dessert game think of these for:

Birthdays (classic)

Valentine’s Day (red, pink & white)

St. Patrick’s Day (Different shades of green)

Easter (pastels)

Sports Events (team colors)

4th of July, Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day (Red, white & blue)

Halloween (orange & black)

Fall (brown, orange, & red)

Christmas (Red & Green)

Hanukkah (Different shades of blue)

A few comments over the years that this recipe has received:

“OMG, I cannot stop at just one.”, “You can definitely taste that these are homemade.” “These are soooooo soft and good.”, “Can we eat these instead of dinner?”

M&M cookies snippet


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