Patriotic M&M Cookies


If you’ve been following A Bee Bakes for a while now, then you’ll know that I recycle this recipe often. Every holiday in fact. These cookies are just SO good and the recipe is the easiest to follow and replicate for any time a theme is called for.

I’m posting these today for two reasons:

  1. Memorial Day is Monday!
  2. My husband has just been approved for his naturalization and will become a citizen!!! So, obviously, these cookies will be on repeat in our home for the rest of the year in celebration–make that the rest of our lives, YAY!!!! We got the news this week and it’s been a whirlwind of excitement.

I’d like to think the patriotic bags of candy in all the stores this weekend is a little salute to him. 🙂 Whether you’re having a Memorial Day party, going to one, or celebrating your spouses’s naturalization :), these are just the cookies to honor the occasion. Keep this recipe in your back pocket for 4th of July or any other holiday that has a theme.

M&M cookies snippet



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