Chai Pear Scones


Last weekend, a discussion with my best friend, turned to scones. I know, I know. Baked goods are my passion, though! And she pointed out that I don’t have a lot of scone recipes on A Bee Bakes. She was telling me about her family favorite recipe that includes 7-up soda among the ingredients (this actually is used in lots of cakes too, soda is basically liquid sugar and sugar adds moisture to baked things, so it makes sense). She also shared a scone recipe with me (years ago) that included fresh summer berries. Doesn’t that sound so good right about now? Here are my favorite blueberry scones: Blueberry Scones.

Anyway, the conversation inspired me to bake scones. They’re really so easy to make and bake as quickly as muffins, so we should be enjoying them with our coffees more regularly! Who’s with me? And the cold months of January and February seem like the best time to sit down with a warm scone. Even better if the scone has seasonal fruit, *hello, pear* and warm spices *hello, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cardamom*. This recipe has all of those things, plus an addition of (optional) cinnamon glaze. If you’re into chai spices, try these Chai Snickerdoodle Cookies. Amazing.

Welcome chai pear scones into your life this month. You will not be disappointed. Now I want to dedicate the rest of winter to scone recipe testing. I think you’ll feel the same once you taste these.

chai pear scones snippet 1chai pear scones snippet 2


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