Chai Blondies

If you’re unfamiliar with blondies, a classic American dessert, and a different take on brownies, get the lowdown on what they are and my go-to recipe: Blondies.

Essentially, they are similar to chocolate chip cookies but in bar form and with a chewy texture most similar to a brownie. They often do not have chocolate chips in them, but you can put anything you want in them. I often put a mix of dark and white chocolate chips. Think dried fruit, any sort of chocolate chip, candy, or nuts. And don’t forget, they’re most popular plain. However, when I was scrolling through Pinterest recently, I found a new take on them: chai.

Chai spices are those used in the popular chai tea that have become commercialized and adored. It’s a combination of a ton of warming spices. Think cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, ginger, star anise, etc. etc. I remember the first chai tea latte I had was in high school. My friend ordered one and said I should order the same. I tasted it, turned to her, and said, “I feel like I’m drinking a muffin.” SO good. Warm and comforting. Just like these blondies.

They’re packed with spices, even fresh black pepper, and they’re super chewy, just as they should be. They’ll go quickly so consider cutting them into smaller squares or doubling the recipe and baking in a 9×13-inch pan. If doing that, reduce the baking time by a few minutes. And if you love chai, check out these other recipes on my blog: Chai Snickerdoodle Cookies and Chai Pear Scones.

Chai Blondies snippet


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