Spiced Oatmeal Cookies


I love oatmeal cookies. Don’t we all?

As long as no raisins are added, they’re the perfect cookie. Add nuts, sure. Add chocolate, definitely! Add anything else, I’m up for it. 🙂

And so, when perusing the abyss that is Pinterest, I stopped suddenly when the word “spiced” was in the same title with oatmeal and cookie. Very intriguing. And so, I baked. But I was quickly disappointed when I opened the oven and took out two trays of cookies that had spread so widely that they all joined edges in one giant blotch.

When transferring the cookies from their trays to the cooling racks, many were so soft that they just pleated into lumps on the spatula. At this point my misfortune and disappointment quickly transformed into…joy. I tasted a crumpled up cookie scrap and realized how very delicious they were. Despite their sub-par baking talent, their flavor was out of this world. Buttery, sweet (but not excessively), and perfectly spiced. They taste like winter.

And so, the rest of the week I ate pieces of melted cookie with ice cream and it wasn’t long that through experimentation, I ended up with the perfect ratio of ingredients for these spiced oatmeal cookies. Now they are just as delicious and keep their shape without spreading (and no chilling time is required).


spiced oatmeal cookies snippet

Here is a picture of how they looked with only 1/2 + 2 tbsp. flour. Still delicious but much more an ice cream topping than a cookie.


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