Pear Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, pears don’t get enough love! My husband’s favorite fruit is pear and I learned early on how to replicate the recipe his Mom makes on his birthday (and special occasions) each year: the beloved Tarte aux Poires (French Pear Tart).

My first instinct when ripened pears are available on my counter is to make that tart. In doing so, I’ve become a bit stuck in my ways so I’ve branched out with Chai Pear Scones and Cardamom Pear Upside-Down Cake. And when I’m trying to keep things somewhat light I turn to another French classic, Pear Financier Tart (Gluten Free) or Pear Tart with Ginger & Walnuts.

I try to keep our kitchen stocked with a modest variety of fruit to snack on during the week. In reality, we tend to snack on Cookies and Bars (eeeeks) and thus, the weekend rolls around and I have ripe fruit desperate to be baked. And so instead of baking my tarte aux poires, I baked a cake. And I recruited my mother-in-law to help me come up with some flavor options that go well with pear. I came up with rosemary or nutmeg. She came up with vanilla or chocolate. And honestly, whenever anyone comes up with chocolate, that’s the one that will win. Am I right?

So if anyone advises to use chocolate, go with that. And if any French person advises anything related to food, go with that.

And so this cake was born. It’s soft, moist, and dotted with pear and chocolate chips. I like that it doesn’t have a heavy ganache or frosting (although if that sounds good to you, go for it!) Enjoy and your pears will appreciate the love you show them with this cake.

Pear Chocolate Chip Bundt Cake snippet


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