Nutella Brownie Tartlets


Dare I say these are *better* (eeks) than classic brownies?

Everything you ever want in a brownie is what defines this recipe. Chewy along the outsides, a soft interior that literally melts in your mouth, and the perfect size and height when baked in these tartlets. While texture is important in a brownie, the flavor is just out of the world in these. The addition of Nutella takes them from a delicious chocolate brownie to one that makes you incapable of turning down seconds. Somehow the Nutella lightens the richness just a bit, even though we know Nutella is anything but light. I personally think it enhances the chocolate flavor rather than taking away from it. It’ll make you doubt every brownie you’ve eaten before it. And add a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top? We’re talking like favorite dessert of all time, that’s how good these are.

And if that’s not enough, it’s the easiest, one bowl recipe, enabling a quick and effortless clean-up. And you get to eat them individually out of little tarts! I mean, can you really turn down a personal dessert? It makes it all the more enjoyable when dessert is served and you have an entire tartlet to yourself. No need to keep going back to cut off just another little piece. You know that vicious cycle. 😉 You can double the recipe to fit an 8-inch pan though if you don’t have the tartlets.

Nutella Brownie Tartlets snippet


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