White Spinach Pizza


I believe the original author of this pizza, Smitten Kitchen, referred to it as the melted Oscar the Grouch pizza. She’s from New York though, where people are really particular, for good reason, about their pizza. I, however, am from San Francisco, where seeing vegetables on a pizza are not only unsurprising, but also quite welcome.

When I saw her post a few weeks ago with this pizza, I knew immediately that I wanted to try it too. I changed quite a few things from the cheese to the pre-made pizza but otherwise, left the concept the same: a wilted spinach pizza. Not so pretty, but pretty damn delicious.

The beauty in this pizza though is beneath its grinch-like sweater. There is a layer of mixed white cheeses, both salty and garlic-y. So while it may look just like pizza dough and wilted spinach, it’s oh so much more. And just remember, as you’re piling on the spinach, your anxiety growing as it towers over the pizza dough, don’t fret, it will wilt down and all will be well in the world…and in your oven.

White Spinach Pizza snippet


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