Nutella Tart

I mean, can you blame me?

When people ask what my favorite thing to bake is, I panic because it’s impossible to choose one thing, but I often find myself saying tarts. You’ll never run out of tart recipes. They change with the seasons, they have different fillings and crusts, they can be simple or complex, and no matter what, they’re beautiful.

Today’s tart is beautiful in its simplicity. It doesn’t have a season, so you can make it year-round without raised eyebrows or out-of-season ingredients. And it is so incredibly easy to prepare. No fancy mixers, only the crust gets baked, and the filling has just a handful of ingredients. The result is an impeccably smooth Nutella filling with a buttery crust.

I’ve found that people either love or hate Nutella. My husband and I are on the Nutella loving side so I incorporate it a lot in my recipes. Head down to the search engine below and type in Nutella if you want to explore some options. My personal favorites are the Nutella Mousse and the Nutella Brownie Tartlets.

If you don’t like Nutella, then sadly you will not like this tart. It’s FULL of Nutella flavor. So Mom, if you’re reading, here’s your option instead: Chocolate Ganache Tart.


Nutella Tart snippet


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