Minted Pea & Ricotta Tart


Every once and a while, a savory recipe makes an appearance on A Bee Bakes. Mostly because every once and I while I worry about the amount of desserts I’m consuming.

This flatbread was inspired by my best friend, Tania. In July we got together for a picnic and she brought a pea puree with a hint of mint to spread on our baguette. I reminded her that while it looked and smelled delicious, I am not a mint fan. She rolled her eyes and I tasted it and, poof, just like that, I’m a mint fan. Well, a minted pea puree fan at least.

This flatbread is incredibly easy to make. The only baking component is the puff pastry. Once that’s baked and cooled, you spread the pea puree on top and garnish it with fresh herbs and English peas. It’s cooling, flavorful, and absolutely delicious. It can be cut into much smaller pieces so you can serve is as an appetizer. You can also just make the pea puree and buy a baguette and bring that to your next get-together. Or, do as I did, make this and then eat it for dinner with a salad and have it for lunch leftovers the next day.

Minted Pea & Ricotta Tart snippet


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